D&D Campaign 5th Edition

The Story Thus Far!

In our first few sessions the group decided to do some scouting around of the local area. Lots of clues were found that may lead to bigger things. You have found help in an older man named Frey who aided Edric Drake when he arrived out of the desert. Soon after scouting the city it is discovered that the gates of this cities twin, Dunamis, have been closed for some time and no word has reached out as to why this has happened. In an attempt to enter the city of Dunamis to investigate, a pastry shop is discovered to still be making regular trips in and out of that city. To gain passage on one of those trips the group agrees to help the owner track down his lost flower that went missing on a caravan in the woods to the east. Some other things of note that happened around the same time were…

- Leoric Rizzrack the mage discovered a disturbed sewer grate shortly after a young child tried to pick his pockets.
- Uialiel Galanodel Discovered that there has been an increase in Orcish activity in the eastern woods in a shady weapons shop on the south side of town.
- Del and Leoric Rizzrack upon searching the coast of the great river that flows between the two cities, discovered a hidden cove on Emperios side of the river. This was guarded by two bandits who were easily defeated and tossed into the river.

In the next session the group decides to stick together a bit more and pursues the job to recover the lost flour in the woods. As they make their way east of town and into the small town of Edgewood they find out about a rumor of a possible wolf man that could be lurking in the woods from a local blacksmith. It is suggested by some in the group that because of this they should have some weapons silvered. Here the group meets a wandering Dragonborn. The Dragonborn recounts his tale of travelling through the wood and seeing a destroyed cart and many bodies both Orcish and human scattered around it. The Dragonborn is shaken by the sight but agrees to lead the party back towards it. When the party arrives at the scene, closer inspection of the bodies by Uialiel Galanodel makes it apparent that the humans were slain by orcish blades but the wounds on the orcs do not match any blade she knows. Just then, a large howl is head behind the wrecked cart and a large warewolf bolts into the scene, knocking down the Dragonborn and engaging with the party. After a heated battle the group is about to deal a final blow to the wolf-man when a large bright light inhibits their vision for the warewolf to escape. The group is very upset by this but the light turns out to be a Pixie of the wood. She introduced herself as Sprig and tells the group that her and her people live only to protect the creatures of this land. She can see into the beasts heart and knows it does not kill intentionally. It is actually a man from the village who fell to a terrible fate and has been lost in the woods as a warewolf since. She informs the group that the man can still be saved with the proper treatment but she requires help to find a weed called Wolfsbane. The only place she knows that it grows is closer to the Orcish infested part of the woods. After the encounter the group agrees to help her but must first secure the flour that they find in the cart and re supply at Edgewood. When the group arrives back at the village they recount their story to the blacksmith that helped silver their blades earlier and he grows more concerned that the wolf-man might be his lost villager friend who went missing one night in a rage. He asks if the group can please help the Pixie in healing him instead of killing him, for he knows the man inside the wolf is a good man. The group then hires the blacksmiths son to deliver the flower back to Emperio in exchange for some coin. After some resting, the group decides to embark back into the woods in search for the Wolfsbane that Sprig was referring to. Just as the group is about to enter the forest, Leoric Rizzrack has some sort of spasm and goes into a coma. After attempts at waking him by the party he is left in a room in the inn in Edgewood to rest while the party searches for the Wolfsbane.



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