D&D Campaign 5th Edition

Journey to the Lair of the Warlock

With the immediate threat in the Forrest of Illcot taken care of and the flour being successfully rescued from the downed wagons, the group decide it was time to head into the city of Emperio to investigate why the cities twin, Dunamis, was closed off. With some investigation around the rivers coast, a hidden cove was discovered to the north of Emperio. The group thought this might be some underground way of entering the locked city, but with further investigation, they discovered it was being guarded by orcs. Knowing this place must be a place of evil, the group quickly and quietly removed the guards from the equation and sent them to a watery grave in the river. With the entrance safely secured the group found its way down into the cove. Upon entry, they were spotted by the occupants of the cove, human and orc thugs. The party came out on top of this encounter and further inspection of the cove was in fact being used as a secret dock for reasons unknown. At the very back of the dock area, a cave extended back under ground into darkness. With no other way to find answers, the party decided to venture into the cave system. Soon upon entering the caves, they realized that the caves eventually began to feel more structured. The caves actually led to the under belly of Emperios sewer system. All kinds of unsavory folk were found in the underbelly, but a curious encounter had our party meet another. Down one of the many hallways of the underbelly the party ran into a very strange creature who only referred to himself as Scrib Scrub and spoke in very broken common. Though he did not appear much use to most of the party, some saw good in the creature and brought him along with them. Eventually the party would venture deep enough through the caves and halls that they would find the source of this evil organization. A warlock had made the underbelly his lair and was commanding the orcs and other unsavory folk to do his bidding. In his chamber a large vessel was found. The vessel was a perfect glass orb with some sort of wispy energy spiraling inside. After a long battle with this warlock and his undead the party finally defeated him. During the battle, however, the mage of the group, Leoric, had sent his magic symbol of Mystra to “attack” the orb of glass. When the battle ended everyone in the party heard a voice in their head that simply siad “Run”



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