Lord Ao

Overgod of the World


Lord Ao is the overgod of Penator , who only answers to a superior entity known only as a “being of light.” All deities of Penator are subject to him, even those who also operate in other crystal spheres and planes, and he sets it so that gods can “die” from a lack of worship to make them act like guardians of the Balance rather than kings of mortals. The cult of Ao is led by “ministers” instead of clerics. Ao dictates that no two gods in the same pantheon can have identical portfolios, and when two gods clash, either one god fades from the Realms, the gods merge, or one or both gods alters their portfolio. He is also the creator of the crystal sphere that holds the world of Penator, and the crystal also spawned the twin goddesses Sel√Ľne and Shar, the first Penator deities.


The Cult of Ao: Led by Ministers. Not much is known about their relationship with Ao but none have ever been slain.

Lord Ao

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