God of Murder, Lies, Intrigue, Deception, and Illusion


Cyric is closely associated with the essence of murder, strife, lies, and intrigue. Cyric is not subservient to any other deity in Penator. He has made himself enemies with Mystra, Kelemvor, Oghma, Tyr, Torm, and Bane. The faith of Cyric is symbolized by his symbol: a white jaw less skull on black or purple sunburst.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Worshipers :
The Church of Cyric is hated all over Penator, and for good reason: Cyric’s church is pledged to spread strife and work murder everywhere in order to make folk believe in and fear the Dark Sun. Cyric’s clerics, who often appear as rogues or assassins, prayed for spells at night, after moonrise. Cyric’s church had few holy days and did not even celebrate the date of his ascension to divinity. Whenever a temple acquires something, or someone, important enough to be sacrificed, its high priest declare a Day of the Dark Sun to signify the holiness of the event. Eclipses are considered holy, being accompanied by feasts, fervent prayers, and bloody sacrifices.


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