D&D Campaign 5th Edition


The hunt for Wolfsbane took the party deeper into the forest than they had been before. Luckily, they had the help of Sprig , an energetic pixie and guardian of the forest. Pointed in the right direction, the party makes its way to the portion of the forest that Wolfsbane grows. Unfortunately, there is an orc encampment situated right on top of it. The group found themselves outnumbered but used excellent strategy to thin out their numbers. Soon, their actions drew the attention of the orc leader and a raging battle ensued. The leader was some sort of Orc-Warewolf hybrid which only increased his power. The battle was bloody, and as the group started to get battered, they delivered the final blow to the Orc Chief. As the group looked around, however, they were still surrounded by the rest of the encampment. Just at that moment, a flurry of arrows flew over the ridge above the encampment and dispatched the remaining orcs. From the ridge came a small band of elves that greeted the group as friends. The group had apparently fought side by side with Uialiel Galanodels father but had not seen him in some time. The elves had been working in the area to rid it of an ever growing population of dark creatures sprouting up and had been hunting a warewolf in particular. The group negotiated that if the elven party stop their hunt they would handle the warewolf. The elves agree that there are enough other creatures to hunt. On the way back to town the group meets with Sprig and she lets them know that she will handle the use of the Wolfsbane to cure the Warewolf. The group makes it back to town and takes a well deserved rest.



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